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The open-air agricultural technology fair, Rottalschau in Bad Griesbach is accompanied every year by the Karpfhamer Fest. “Oans wia koans” is the motto of the folk festival and the numerous visitors, some of whom travel from very far, confirm that. The Rottalschau is an institution in Southern Germany with 70,000 m² of open space, 6,000 m² of halls and 600 exhibitors. Great for us, GRIFAsoftstep was even present in four places and installed KENNFIXX® on several machines. The many interesting discussions we could have with users and other exhibitors alone would be reason enough to be there again next year!

  • Kennfixx as holder for icecream

KENNFIXX (R) is also suitable for special applications. For example, when you have to stop eating ice cream in the office. No problem, thanks to KENNFIXX (R)!

For this application we recommend size 4.

  • KENNFIXX is in use in many countries. Flags of countries.

KENNFIXX® is becoming more and more popular. It really makes us proud that KENNFIXX® products are already in use in 26 countries.


Heinrich Wilke GmbH from Bad Arolsen, HEWI for short,
has for the first time equipped its injection molds with KENNFIXX® hose handles, which guarantees accurate and
permanent marking. A quick and error-free tool change can thus be completed at any time.

  • KENNFIXX number 250.00 is presented on a fair

KENNFIXX® is enjoying increasing popularity in agricultural technology. In addition, the product family has been steadily developed and KENNFIXX @ home, KENNFIXX® air and others were added. However, the core product is and remains the hydraulic hose handle. We are very pleased that we have been able to hand over the KENNFIXX® number 200,000 to Mr. Martin Ober from Claas.

In the picture, from left: Mr. Jan Wagener, Managing Director, Ernst Wagener Hydraulikteile GmbH, Mr. Martin Ober, Construction Mowers, Claas, Mr. Georg Rubenbauer, Agrarservice Rubenbauer, Inventor of KENNFIXX®.

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