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We show the new KENNFIXX counter display in this short,
one minute video: (click on the image)

  • Colorfull KENNFIXX grips on green gras

We wish You all a very HAPPY EASTER!
Stay healthy!


Maybe you read it on our Wagener Hydraulikteile website, we hired a bee colony.
Bees are an invaluable service to our environment.
We want to support that, and next year we'll be happy
about the yield the diligent volunteers have collected.

  • Funny idea about KENNFIXX

Our team is creative and motivated! And our products
obviously spark fresh ideas! Here is a suggestion that we found today on the desk. Whether there will ever be an official FIXXBoy is questionable, but as a precaution we hereby claim about all the rights. 😉😆

  • The winner of our tablesoccer tounament

“Because it was so much fun the first time, we absolutely wanted to revive it,” says organizer Gerhard Elfert about the kicker tournament last Friday. And so it was again. A good 1/3 of the workforce reported to the tournament and let the week end in a sporty way. Two-man teams “fought” for the unique KENNFIXX ® Cup. The winning team in the picture: Mr. Kordt, employee of our hose production and Mr. Lihanov, Apprentice. Congratulations! The next tournament is already in planning.


We deliver our KENNFIXX ® permanently lasered, with the appropriate plugs, ready mounted. Here is a little insight on our facebook page, in the assembly of plug and handle. With the right torque, ready for installation at the customer.

Click on the picture to get to the video.


The well-known motto: “Safety First!” we have implemented in the last week with a driving safety training for our sales team.

Of course, our sales people are traveling a lot by car, and outside the company building as well, we want to help to avoid accidents.

At the Fahrsicherheitszentrum Westfalen in Haltern am See the all-day training was carried out.

  • Detail views from our production

We wish you all a healthy and successful year 2019!

  • Opening hours during christmas

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our clients, and friends!  Like every year we are closed on Dec. 24th and 31th.


….a group of Dutch students invent a new female superhero. When we saw the video for the first time we could not stop laughing. You do not know it yet? Then it’s about time! To the video by clicking on the picture:

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