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The Rottalschau and the Karpfham festival were a great success again this year. The weather was perfect and we were able to advise many visitors and were very pleased with the large number of KENNFIXX(R) handles installed on machines!


The inventor of the KENNFIXX(R) handles, Georg Rubenbauer, tells how it all began and why every farmer who uses KENNFIXX(R) is very satisfied with it.


This great evening atmosphere during field work comes from Agrarservice Rubenbauer. Many thanks for that! What the picture does not show: The farm of course works with KENNFIXX(R) and that on all machines.
What the picture clearly shows: farming is not a “9-to-5” job!
At this point, a big “Thank you!” to all those in the fields and meadows who provide tasty grain and other things every day!


Visit us at the FORST live in Offenburg!
More about the fair with – click – on the picture!


Where there is agricultural technology – there is also KENNFIXX!
Here, for example, at the Agricultural Show Allgäu.
KENNFIXX could be found at garant-Kotte, FELLA, Güttler, SAPHIR and many more.

More about the agricultural show by clicking on the picture.


With the beginning of the new year 2022, Ernst Wagener Hydraulikteile GmbH is no longer represented by Jan Wagener alone as managing director. Mr. Martin Lehmhaus, 44 years old, has also been the managing director of WAGENER Hydraulik since January 1st, 2022. Mr. Lehmhaus, who has been with the company for 15 years and was most recently entrusted with the management of sales and customer management as an authorized signatory, will continue to focus on sales.

“I am very pleased that we are now working together as a management team to shape future developments positively and to see our family business continue to grow.”, says Jan Wagener.


On your next visit, you can fill up your electric car for free at our visitor charging station. Just ask at reception for the charge card!

  • 3D-Scan

Among others, we use a 3D scanner for quality assurance. With this, complex parts can be measured, quick and reliably.


Bauhof-online.de is currently reporting on markings for hydraulic hose lines on construction
and municipal machines.

KENNFIXX, KENNFIXX rings, etc. are a great, customizable solution here.

To the article with – click – on the picture.


You don’t know the Millennial-Farmer yet?

He definitely knows KENNFIXX(R) now.

We are pleased that the first KENNFIXX(R) handles that ever jumped out of an airplane,
have now reached the aviation-loving farmer in the USA …

… and were rewarded with a nice Instagram story. Click on the picture!

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