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Bauhof-online.de is currently reporting on markings for hydraulic hose lines on construction
and municipal machines.

KENNFIXX, KENNFIXX rings, etc. are a great, customizable solution here.

To the article with – click – on the picture.


You don’t know the Millennial-Farmer yet?

He definitely knows KENNFIXX(R) now.

We are pleased that the first KENNFIXX(R) handles that ever jumped out of an airplane,
have now reached the aviation-loving farmer in the USA …

… and were rewarded with a nice Instagram story. Click on the picture!


KENNFIXX wishes You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Click on the picture to get to our moving Christmas card.


KENNFIXX (R) is already available in over 25 countries
- but that was NEVER done before!

A parachute jump with KENNFIXX (R) handles.

Sometimes we do crazy things ...

Click on the picture for the video of the jump!


The agriculture magazine “profi” currently reports on hose markings. Of course, KENNFIXX stands out in comparison, but you can read that yourself. What the editorial staff overlooked: every KENNFIXX handle has a hexagon socket. So you can change hose, plug or handle without scratching the handle with pliers. Click on the picture to get to our explanatory video.



After KENNFIXX (R) is already available in well over 20 countries,
it is now reaching Japan. We wish our local partner every success.
We are pleased that Japanese farmers can now also benefit from KENNFIXX (R).


Our colleague Jörg Meger shows how to properly change a
hydraulic connector on the Kennfixx hose handle.


We show the new KENNFIXX counter display in this short,
one minute video: (click on the image)

  • Colorfull KENNFIXX grips on green gras

We wish You all a very HAPPY EASTER!
Stay healthy!

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